Graphene Oxide

Polymerizable PEGs

Nanocs provides several polymerizable PEG derivatives include acrylate PEGs, methacrylate PEGs and silane PEGs. These polymerizable PEGs can be used for hydrogel synthesis, biocompatible membrane formation and many other applications.
Acrylate PEG, mPEG-ACR Methacrylate PEG, mPEG-MACR
Acrylate PEG NHS Acrylate PEG Maleimide
Acrylate PEG Biotin Acrylate PEG Amine, Acrylate-PEG-NH2
Acrylate PEG Acid, Acrylate-PEG-COOH Acrylate PEG Acrylate