Graphene Oxide

Fluorescent PEGs

PEGFluoro®, new generation fluorescent probes

PEGFluoro® activated pegylated fluorescent labels and probes developed by Nanocs offer superior properties compared to conventional fluorescent molecules. These fluorescent probes have light emission ranging from UV to near infrared region. They can be used to label proteins, antibodies, peptides, nucleotides, particles and many other materials.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior brightness, no self-quenching;
  • High photo stability, minimal photo bleaching;
  • Excellent water solubility, no organic solvent needed for labeling;
  • High loading ratio, minimal material usage and loss.

Fluorescein PEG, mPEG-FITC Fluorescein PEG Amine, FITC-PEG-NH2
Fluorescein PEG hydroxyl, FITC-PEG-OH Fluorescein PEG acid, FITC-PEG-COOH
Fluorescein PEG Thiol, FITC-PEG-SH Fluorescein PEG Biotin, FITC-PEG-Biotin
Fluorescein PEG NHS, FITC-PEG-NHS Fluorescein PEG Azide, FITC-PEG-N3
Fluorescein PEG Maleimide, FITC-PEG-Mal Rhodamine-PEG, mPEG-RB
Rhodamine PEG hydroxyl, RB-PEG-OH Rhodamine PEG Amine, RB-PEG-NH2
Rhodamine PEG Thiol, RB-PEG-SH Rhodamine PEG Acid, RB-PEG-COOH
Rhodamine PEG Biotin, RB-PEG-Biotin Rhodamine-PEG-X
Cy5 PEG Amine, Cy5-PEG-NH2 Cy5 PEG NHS
Cy5 PEG acid, Cy5-PEG-COOH Cy5 PEG Maleimide, Cy5-PEG-Mal
Cy5 PEG Thiol, Cy5-PEG-SH Cy5 PEG Biotin
Cy5 PEG Folic acid Other Cy5 PEG Derivatives
Cy3 PEG Amine, Cy3-PEG-NH2 Cy3 PEG NHS
Cy3 PEG acid, Cy3-PEG-COOH Cy3 PEG Maleimide, Cy3-PEG-Mal
Cy3 PEG Thiol, Cy3-PEG-SH Cy3 PEG Biotin
Cy3 PEG Folic acid Other Cy3 PEG Derivatives