Graphene Oxide


Nanocs now provides cGMP grade mPEG DSPE products with the molecular weight ranges from 750 to 5000. These DSPE PEG products were manufactured in cGMP certified factory followed strict cGMP protocol. These materials are of high purity, free from any possible plant/animal derived impuirites and ensuring best possible batch to batch formulation performance. Some of these materials have been used in the formulation of FDA approved drugs. In other words, it has been extensively tested in clinical trials and is described in the corresponding DMF dossiers.
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Cat. No. Product Description MW Unit Size Price Qty
PG1-DS-5k DSPE PEG, mPEG-DSPE 5000 Da 500 mg $245.00
PG1-DS-2k DSPE PEG, mPEG-DSPE 2000 Da 500 mg $285.00
PG1-DS-1k DSPE PEG, mPEG-DSPE 1000 Da 100 mg $385.00
PG1-DS-10k DSPE PEG, mPEG-DSPE 10000 Da 500 mg $385.00
PG1-DS-20k DSPE PEG, mPEG-DSPE 20000 Da 500 mg $385.00
PG1-DS-30k DSPE PEG, mPEG-DSPE 30000 Da 100 mg $385.00
PG1-DS-40k DSPE PEG, mPEG-DSPE 40000 Da 100 mg $385.00