Graphene Oxide

Multiarm PEGs

Nanocs provids a variety of multiarm PEG derivatives, including 2 arm PEGs, 3 arm PEGs, 4 arm PEGs, 6 arm PEGs and 8 arm PEGs. These multiarmed PEG derivatives can also be made with multiple functionalities with NHS, maleimide, Biotin, azide, amines, DBCO and many other functions.
2 Arm PEG/Branched PEG Derivatives 4-Arm PEG Acrylate
4-Arm PEG Amine 4-Arm PEG Thiol
4-Arm PEG Maleimide 4-Arm PEG NHS
4-Arm PEG Biotin 4 Arm PEG vinyl sulfone
8-Arm PEG Amine 8-Arm PEG Thiol
8-Arm PEG NHS 8-Arm PEG Maleimide
8-Arm PEG Biotin 8 Arm PEG vinyl sulfone