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Particle modification & bioconjugation service


Both micro and nano-sized particles have been widely used for biomolecule separation, cellular and molecular detection, as well as drug delivery. More recently, multifunctional nanoparticles have been developed to provide exceptional sensitivity and specificity for multiplexing biomolecule assay. Fluorescently functionalized nanoparticles, for example, have been successfully used both in-vivo and in-vitro for targeted imaging. Through controlled modification of particle surfaces, these bioconjugated particles can be engineered to provide multiple functions for bio-species detection, extraction, tracking or targeting.

During past decade, Nanocs has developed a number of functionalized biocompatible nano and micro particle systems that can be used for biomolecule separation, highly sensitive biotarget identification, as well as molecular imaging. Through unique surface modification, Nanocs is able to develop a number of metallic as well as polymeric with exceptional properties that can be used for in-vivo biomedical imaging, targeted drug delivery and many other applications.

Nanocs has been a long time expert in the development of multifunctional particle systems for biomedical applications. With rich experience and long time expertise, we can offer valuable bioconjugation and biomodification services in your development of diagnostics, bioassays as well as drug formulations. No matter which fields you are working, we are here for help.

Particle bioconjugation service

Service areas:

  • Fluorescent Labeling, including Alexa Fluor, Cy dyes and many other dyes;
  • Pegylation, especially cysteine based site specific labeling;
  • Enzyme and antibody conjugation;
  • Peptide and other biomolecule chemical modification;
  • Particle & bead conjugation;
  • Mutifunctional ligand modification and conjugation.

Competitive advantages:

  • Deep knowledge and rich experience in biomaterial modification and conjugation;
  • Thousands of brand name and in-house fluorophores, biotins, pegylation reagents and particles;
  • Patented reagents and processes for biomodification and conjugation.

Reagents and technologies:

  • SunLightTM Fluorescent molecules;
  • PeGOTM Pegylation reagents and methods;
  • SnapLinkTM Cross linkers;
  • Multifunctional nanoparticles and beads.

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