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Antibody modification & bioconjugation service


Antibodies and antibody based reagents have been imperative biological tools to identify targeted molecular species, including proteins, peptides, virus and many small molecules. In recent years, many therapeutic antibodies have been developed as effective bio-drugs. Surface modified and bio-conjugated of antibodies have been found tremendous applications for ehanced stability, sensitivity and additional functionalities in their use as diagnostics and therapeutics.

Nanocs has been a long time expert in the field of site specific bio-modification and conjugation for antibody and antibody fragments. During the past decade, we have developed a handful reagent for various functional group for antibody modifications. A number of bioconjugation reagents, including fluorophores, enzymes, biotins, PEG derivations, are readily available from our conjugation reagent tool pools.

Biopolymer bioconjugation service

Service areas:

  • Fluorescent Labeling, including Alexa Fluor, Cy dyes and many other dyes;
  • Pegylation, especially cysteine based site specific labeling;
  • Enzyme and antibody conjugation;
  • Peptide and other biomolecule chemical modification;
  • Particle & bead conjugation;
  • Mutifunctional ligand modification and conjugation.

Competitive advantages:

  • Deep knowledge and rich experience in biomaterial modification and conjugation;
  • Thousands of brand name and in-house fluorophores, biotins, pegylation reagents and particles;
  • Patented reagents and processes for biomodification and conjugation.

Reagents and technologies:

  • SunLightTM Fluorescent molecules;
  • PeGOTM Pegylation reagents and methods;
  • SnapLinkTM Cross linkers;
  • Multifunctional nanoparticles and beads.

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