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Kainic acid

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Kainic Acid is a natural marine product originally isolated from the red marine alga D. Simplex. It is a potent central nervous system stimulant, and has been developed as the prototype neuroexcitatory amino acid for the induction of seizures and neurodegeneration in experimental animals, at a typical dose of 10-30 mg/kg in mice.Kainic acid is neuroexcitotoxic and epileptogenic, acting through specific kainate receptors.

Nanocs is the largest supplier of Kainic acid and other agonists at the kainate class of ionotropic glutamate receptors in the world. Kainic acid provided by Nanocs has the purity greater than 99%, the purest form of these exceitatory amino acids available from any natural or synthetic sources.Nanocs works hard to provide the best quality kainic acid for users all over the world. Nanocs is now serving more than 40 neurological labs in over 10 countries.


Synonym: 2-Carboxy-3-carboxymethyl-4-isopropenylpyrrolidine.

Molecular Formula: C10H15NO4.

Molecular Weight: 213.23.

CAS Number: 487-79-6.

Purity: >99%, Glutamate free.

StoragCondition: Store at -20 0C.

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